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Top 5 The Best DSLR Cameras Features

Every once in a while pretty much all YouTube DSLR cameras features channels will make a gear doesn’t matter video and I’m no exception this time, I will have a slightly different approach and list my top 5 most overrated DSLR Camera Features.

Please note that I’m not saying that these features are bad unwanted or something I wished cameras didn’t have all I’m saying is that I find it rather silly when people comment on my articles

Or message me which they do a lot and say that they love everything about a camera and so wish to buy it but unfortunately it lacks one single feature because 99% of the time it’s something not really needed so let’s go.

1) Resolution

When talking stills resolution is totally overhyped for personal use I’m happy with anything over 5 megapixel and professionally 10 megapixels covers pretty much any prints needs just fine now my professional camera is 30 megapixel and that comes in handy sometimes when cropping etc.

So sure I’m all for high resolution but I don’t really need it also high resolution often takes a big toll on low-light capabilities dynamic range and colors the nicest images I know of or have ever experienced is from fairly low resolution sensors like the Leica m8 Nikon DF or Canon 5d classic even between the canon 6d mark ii and my current USSR.

There is a drop in color aesthetics but i still choose to use the AR for other reasons with video it’s the same thing you sacrifice a lot when shooting 4k video only to gain a marginal improvement that 99% will never even see and unless you go smaller sensor or global shutter the rolling shutter in 4k cameras are off in borderline unbearable in my opinion

2) In-body stabilization

People sometimes act as if you can’t take a decent photo without ibis but that’s just nonsense sure ibis is fun to have for long exposures but most of us go that low very very rarely more often than not we want to freeze motion or have it blur with the shutter speed.

That we have no trouble hand-holding alsomost of us have at least one stabilized lens a flash or a tripod for video it’s the same thing these days Ibis is about us over used as gimbals and drones in my opinion the floating look can be a lifesaver but just like a drone or a slider is not meant for every shot and by the way digital.

I assume for example like and canon cameras have become so good these days that it feels like the others are just dragging their feet with ibis.

3) Electronic View Finder

An optical viewfinder is one thing but an EVF is if we’re truly honest here just a tiny display with the built-in loop what saddens me is that no DSLR maker have put a hybrid viewfinder in a DSLR because then mirrorless cameras will be rendered pretty much obsolete

And we can all go back to having fast autofocus and long lasting batteries in full-frame cameras again but since camera makers want to sell you brand new lenses they need to change mounts and go into mirrorless is the perfect excuse.

4) Lenses in The Lens Line Up

Number four the number of lenses in the lens lineup a constantly returning subject in online debates is the number of native lenses one can buy for a system people say that you can’t buy a certain camera

Because there’s only 50 or so lenses for it honestly who the heck carries around 50 lenses I interact with other pro photographers all the time and I’ve never seen them bring even ten lenses to a gig personally I mostly use three.

5) Duel Card Slots

And lastly number five my favorite duel card slots yes duel card slots is nice I would love for all cameras to have it I would love for all cameras have five card slots or 11 just in case 10 of them broke down but in no way is it a need for fun

I recently walked around a Sports Arena and asked some of the photographers there that all had duel courts not cameras if they used it for redundancy in case one court broke down the result was zero none of them used it for anything else

But extra space and I’m no exception that’s it five awesome features which I wished was present in all cameras from now on but if not I’m sure I will be fine.

I hope by reading Top 5 The Best DSLR Cameras Features Can make you a professional potographer. Anyway please follow me by email for coming meters of eliminations we have new article every day at an exam.


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