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Top Best Cheap Smartphones Under $150

Top Best Cheap Smartphones with a price range below $150 to $200 can be told in the category of smartphones that sell on the market.

It is acceptable to remember that smartphones under 2 million have been providing quality, good performance, and sharp enough cameras at affordable prices.

Seeing this, various mobile phone vendors then compete to bring out their best devices in this price range.

Top 5 Best Cheap Smartphones Under $150

Top Best Cheap Smartphones

Well, for those of you who are interested to buy it, here Algeem gives information about phone recommendation Price under $150 with good specs. Does Phone under $150 provide 4GB of RAM?

1) Huawei Y6

Top Best Cheap Smartphones

At number one we have Huawei Y6, This phone features a flawless display having a bezel less design with a water drop notch the smartphone is loaded with powerful battery and an amazing set of cameras overall it is one of the best offering around this price.

2) Nokia 5.1 Plus

Top Best Cheap Smartphones

Tag the Nexus no tier 5 foot 1 plus is an excellent device tech tips are put at benchmarks but a Finnish company with its previous model the nokia 5.1 plus sports a 5.8 6 inch HD display with a screen resolution of 720 into 1520 pixel a company with a pixel density of 287 PPI.

The only expect that it lacks is the battery Beca which by no means is sufficient enough overall if under power batteries not a major issue you can go for Nokia 5.1 plus.

3) Xiaomi Redmi 8

Top Best Cheap Smartphones

The next we have this zombie red need boosts a lot of good features that make it a perfect device in the mid-range price segment. Jomi ready-made features 86.2 inch IPS.

LCD display wishes a screen resolution of 72 into 1500 into pixel it has a pixel density of 270 PPI at the back there is a bulk primary camera setup having 12 megapixel and two megapixel.

Lenses it also has an 8 megapixel front snapper we do screen the processor storage in the battery backups are enough however the DAO displays the only flaw. Redmi 8 a price in India is expected to be $127,11.

4) Coolpad 3 Plus

Top Best Cheap Smartphones

The next we have a school pet code tree plus cool tree plus is an entry level device which has some quality features it has an ample storage capacity hood configuration and a descent battery backup that makes it a great option for daily use.

Coolpad 3 Plus features a 5.7 inch IPS display which exhibits a pixel density of 195 epi it has a good screen resolution of 720 into 105 19 – pixel that results in required good he will experience overall the smartphone is one to perfect open arrow Express range pulpit Gucci glass is expected to be around $83,88 only.

5) Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Top Best Cheap Smartphones

At number 5 we have Association for maxpro m1 if you are looking for an excellent set of cameras Asus zenfone max pro m1 will be the best choice besides the camera the smartphone has a powerful battery that blends a graphical.

Keeping the camera and read through the other side the storage capacities with a quite good thanks to the homogeneous external storage device support the new Asus zenfone features a 5.9 inch LCD display with an expectation of 18 is tonight and screen resolution of 1080 into 2160 pixels it has an excellent pixel density of 403 PPI.

That provides sharp and vivid displayed last but not the least we have moto is 6 these come under affordable smartphones north of East 6 comes with full display of 6.1 inch which bears a screen resolution of 72 into 1560 pixel and half a pixel density of 282 takea the battery backup is not good but can be idle for gradualism moto e 6s is price it $97,86.

That’s Top Best Cheap Smartphones Under $150, So which phone is your choice?.


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