8 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets 2020

Kitchen appliance is very in need when we will cook, but not complete anymore if we do not have some advanced technology tools that we can use.

Not only that, this gadget will be very in need and useful for those of you who like simple and technological things, so what are the amazing kitchen gadgets that I would recommend? Let’s see below.

Top 8 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets You Should Know

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

1. EZ Cracker

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Easy cracker eggs are one of the most common products in any kitchen and you, probably know how hard it can be to open eggs easy cracker is a device that solves all your aunt problems at once it splits the shell neatly in the middle with the utmost perfection.

Therefore you can avoid unpleasant situations where the egg opens outside the pen spilling on the table or on the stove, easy cracker allows you to break the egg above the desired container.

It’s noteworthy that the crack in the shell is made so carefully that no fragments are ever produced this means that they won’t get in the dish and won’t spoil the food, easy cracker costs only $20 the device doesn’t take up much space and it’s simple it’s also very easy to wash.

2. Orbitz

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

And here’s another device that also aims to simplify and speed up some common tasks in the kitchen, cutting herbs is far from being the most enjoyable thing to do in, addition it often leads to minor but still unpleasant injuries.

All bit is a compact device developed by the American company urban Trent, thanks to its unique design and three blades it can cut any herbs in seconds your fingers meanwhile are completely safe, the device costs $20.

3. Magic Block

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Magic block you might not notice but food poisoning is a serious global problem, every year 600 million people gets sick after eating food, of these four hundred and twenty thousand end up dying of food poisoning that’s why it’s so important to maintain hygiene in the kitchen of the highest level.

At first glance it may seem that magic block is just a cutlery and knife holder with an over complicated design, but in fact it’s a compact and technologically advanced sterilizer.

Magic block features view V technology this eliminates viruses bacteria mold and other microorganisms ensuring increased cleanliness and safety the kitchen magic block also acts as a cutlery dryer and even help sharpen your knives all this for $170.

4. Slice-X

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Slice X at first sight cutting boards have an optimum designing can’t surprise you anymore right, but have you ever thought about the fact that not all products are easy to cut on a flat surface.

Fortunately Danville trauma, the person who invented slice X thought about this, is a device to cut grapes cherry tomatoes mozzarella nuts and different berries more easily quickly and safely, the device allows you to make perfectly even cuts and you can cut all the products placed on the device at once.

The device can be disassembled so when it’s not used it takes up almost no space in the cupboard basically these are a series of plastic plates connected together, so cleanly slice X doesn’t take long either.

The device will even be washed in the dishwasher the manufacturer claims that the material chosen for slice X is exactly the same as that used for traditional chopping boards this feature gives the invention strength and durability, the price of this amazing board is $43.

5. Nomiku

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Nomiku sous-vide is a cooking method that was first using restaurants in the 1970s the products usually meats or vegetables are placed in a vacuum bag, the products are then cooked in a pan Marie usually a low in control temperatures sous-vide preserves the natural juices of the products, which are usually lost while cooking in a traditional way.

In addition the relatively low temperature prevents burning, for a long time that this method was only available to expensive restaurants today however you can buy the kitchen product that you see on the screen.

Namiko is a smart technologically advanced device that will allow its owner to enjoy all the benefits of a sous vide for $250, the device is incredibly easy to use the products are placed in a bag and then in the pots to which the Nama queue is connected.

The device can be controlled using the mobile app moreover the cooking process can be started remotely, so after placing the future dinner in the bag in the morning you can start cooking it on the way home so it’s hot and fresh when you arrive, by the way since the device can keep the water temperature at a low level it can also be used to cold race.

6. Tescoma cover

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

This invention will help you prepare an original dish to surprise all of your friends the core is a strange-looking cutting device to remove the core of vegetables and root vegetables, the manufacturer offers three blades with diameters of 20 30 and 40 millimeters.

The first one is optimal for radishes carrots and tomatoes the second one is for cucumbers zucchinis and onions, finally the biggest blade will remove the core from potatoes or sweet potatoes the cutting knives are stored inside the gadget so they won’t get lost this product cost $13.

7. Grand Chef

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

This gadget like the previous one is offered by the Czech company test coma, this is a manual coffee grinder which means you’ll need to turn the handle yourself, however this disadvantage is fully compensated by other advantages pay attention to the measuring system, instead of grams which can be difficult to understand, grand chef shows how many cups you’ll be able to prepare.

The device will be appreciated by coffee lovers as it has six different grinding options turn the device to adjust the degree of grinding thus with grand chef you can process beans to prepare coffee and amarka pots a French press and also to make the pour at the coffee as well the price of the device is $40.

8. Delicia

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Today’s last gadget is ideal for true pasta cursors unfortunately industrial pasta products are often not at the same quality as those made at home, making pasta in your own kitchen is a laborious and time-consuming process.

But with this gadget it will be a lot easier, this is a machine that performs two functions at once, first of all it instantly rolls out the dough to the required thickness the person thus doesn’t apply any effort, the user only has to turn the handle the second function is making the pasta.

The machine works in different modes for example that can be used to prepare lasagne sheets there’s also a special attachment that allows you to roll out the dough to its optimal length and then cut it to make fettuccine tagliolini or simple soup noodles, the cost of this pasta maker is about $55.


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